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About Us

Clothes that mean business

Bileya Couture is where you can meet femininity!

We are not just an online store, we are your feminine essence ambassadors!

Femininity, reinforced by a sense of elegance and luxury, and heightened individuality. 2020 is a difficult year, a time when it is necessary to possess a lot of resolve and discipline, in order to start a new initiative. And this is exactly what Biliana Barzakova does, making a further step on the road she has already started to outline and would like to travel together with all ladies who feel the need for care, beauty and elegance in their lives.
Since 2016, led by her desire to make possible beauty care from both inside and outside, she has relied on a custom-made formula (by Polish experts) of a food supplement with live collagen which nourishes and maintains the beauty of the skin.
And this is how, in the summer of 2016, Biliana created her own cosmetics brand- BILEYA.

Bileya couture is a natural continuation of the cosmetics brand. Now with a brand that is a combination of her name and the brand name- Bileyana Barzakova (or Bileya na Barzakova -meaning Bileya by Barzakova), she focuses again on the needs and preferences of ladies: to find the proper blend of eternal feminine beauty, the comfort of high-quality modern materials, fine elegance, and the feeling of timelessness. A fashion line that is focused on the woman- regardless of her age or the place she happens to be- her personal style leaves indelible memories.

While Bileya takes care of the ladies’ beauty and health, Bileyana Barzakova is all about their summer mood. It starts with a summer collection because the sun and the summer make us feel happy with life, they make us smile and feel like travelling, being beautiful, and dancing- that is, being charming and one-of-a kind.

Bileyana Barzakova is a curtsey to all ladies who take care of themselves and know what they want- women who see health and beauty not as an ephemeral whim but as a way of life and a string of choices, a way of living and having fun at the same time- because what could be better than being beautiful and happy with life, enjoying it to the full?

Bileyana Barzakova is not just a piece of clothing, but a style that highlights the femininity, elegance and class of each lady. Beauty is a challenge that makes us dream and have daring plans for the future, beautiful shapes inspire us to create designs and make clothes that would be easy to wear and would become a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

And, since every woman has her own needs, Bileyana Barzakova offers three clothing lines: Bileya Couture, Elegance, and ’77 – each period in time has its own symbol of female beauty, and we recreate all of them together, giving every woman the opportunity to get into and out of different roles that she would like to play- as quickly and easily as she can change her outfits. Because we know – the women of today are chameleons who never stop in one place and never play just a single role. The women of today need the same good quality regardless of whether it is for their sports days or the days they want to fill with elegance and uniqueness.