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’77- is the casual wear clothing line of  Bileya, intended for the ladies who do not know what it means to stay in one place, especially during the wonderful summer days. ’77 is a line inspired by the ambiance and energy of 1977, the year when Biliana Barzakova,  the owner of the brand, was born. That was a year which became historic with films like Saturday night fever and   The Spy Who Loved Me from the series about the fatal Agent 007, with glamorous night life, unforgettable night parties, water sports, time spent on the beach, and cocktails with friends- all of this accompanied by casual careless elegance which strengthens the feeling of how wonderful life is. ’77 is the more frivolous line of  Bileya, dedicated to the eternally young ones, to the ladies who possess adventurous spirit and to those, who are accustomed to living life to the full.

Bileya – Couture

Bileya Couture –is a special clothing line of the brand , full of limited-edition, exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs. An exquisite line of swimsuits and beach wear of high-quality fabrics and materials in which every lady can feel extremely comfortable and unique, making no compromise with her style and affinity for fashion.  The summer outfits and swimsuits in this line follow the hottest trends of the season and this makes them up-to-the-minute and chic, yet not a thing of the short-lived fads. In almost every design the brand logo is a leading element in order to make the person who wears it stand out among the rest of the people on the beach or on board of the luxury yacht.


Elegance – is a clothing line created for the ladies who insist on the emphasis of their personal style and finesse whenever they travel or do sports. This line provides the feeling of fine practicality and exquisite comfort for each and every moment during a summer day –from spending some sunny hours on the yacht, through having fun with friends at the bar of a yacht port, to strolling along the waterfront promenade of a Mediterranean town. The Elegance line stands out with its precise cuts, allowing for comfort of movement, and elegant designs to accompany ladies at every moment of the day. It aims at emphasizing your individuality and beauty in a unique and elegant way.